What If Not Satisfied with JEE Main Score

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) main 2018 on April 8 and many of the students left the exam centres feeling glum. While some found the mathematics section of the JEE main lengthy, other complain of its difficulty level. There were many students who didn’t attempt the exam even by reaching at the centres, while others made complaints about its difficulty level in the mathematics section of the exam.   

According to the trustworthy resources, approximately 10 lakh students appeared for the JEE Main Exam 2018 and a good percentage of this number (about 75-80%) will not qualify it. If this is something you are worried about, don’t need to be panicked. There are plenty of alternate options available to help you out in shaping your career in a way you always wanted. Here are five paths that you can follow:

1. Wait for the main result and prepare for advanced

If you believe that you have not done well enough and may not have any chance to get into an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), do not give up completely. You may not qualify for an IIT, but there are many other universities that are reputed and take in students through the JEE score.

“If the student scores around 180-200 in the JEE main, the chances of getting into NITs are bright,” says Venkat Ramana, JEE exam head of TIME Hyderabad. The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) also accept students with JEE main and advanced scores.ISc has been ranked the first among Indian universities in the recent NIRF rankings released by the HRD Ministry. So there is no need to worry about IITs if you have a chance of getting a seat in the “next best” engineering institutes.

2. Try other entrances For a student who is set on pursuing engineering as their career, there is a broad list of technical institutions that hold their own entrance examinations. These exams may be easier to crack than the JEE entrances and the universities promise a bright career for the students.

“There are other alternative engineering exams like BITs, VIT, SRM and state entrances, clearing which will give students access to many great engineering colleges,” says Ramesh Batlish, centre head of FITJEE Noida.“Students can check their mistakes they made in the JEE mains and use the knowledge to do better in these other entrances. It will be simpler to crack because most of these exams’ syllabus parallels that of CBSE and JEE main,” says HemanthGoteti, co-founder of Toppr.com.

“Alternatively, many private engineering colleges in India are few good options for such students who aspire to achieve their career goals. These students should focus on further preparation and SWOT analysis of their performance to excel in life,” says Silky Jain, executive director of Tula’s Institute.

3. Go for a different course

Engineering is not the only proper career path for science students. Students should not limit their potential to a single field that may not be their cup of tea. Many students, in fact, have greater aptitudes and may be interested in other courses.

“Students who are from the PCM background can pursue careers as Bachelors of Science in either maths, statistics, physics, electronics and other such courses,” says Jaideep Gupta, CEO and Founder of University. He adds that students from PCB backgrounds can even take on BSc is biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, zoology and botany. For students who wish to change their line of study entirely, they can take up subjects like economics, BCom, BBA, political science, psychology, hotel management, mass communication and journalism. The options for a student of the science stream are limitless. Look out for the entrances for each of these courses and prepare for those which you believe are best for you.

4. Study abroad

This is an option that many students tend to lean towards in the long run. There are a number of universities across the world that offer fantastic courses in engineering and other science subjects that can push students towards either professionalism or academic research.

“To study abroad, students will have to clear their SATs and other exams. They would also need to get student visas and look out for reputed colleges,” says Gotti.

“Studying abroad is a good option, but it requires a lot of financing. I would not recommend this option for undergraduate courses but rather for Masters,” says Ramana.

5. Drop the year

This is an extreme measure that should be taken by students only if they are confident to score well in the JEE next time they try. It is recommended, especially, if you are dead certain about pursuing your engineering only from an IIT.

“If the student is quite confident about his or her abilities in cracking the JEE main exam and does not wish to study anywhere else but at an IIT, there is no harm in dropping a year and trying again,” says Gotti. Experts advise caution against this move and warn that the tag of a “dropout” can have a negative effect. Additionally, there is a possibility of changes in the examination over the span of a year. The government is planning to begin a common entrance examination like NEET for all engineering colleges in the country. So take the dropping of a year as the last option.

Taking a year back would be advisable if you had missed your target by a small distance. It’s highly unlikely that one would get a 298 in the next mains, you might end up with a 188 or so which would land you in a very new NIT in a branch you have never heard of (even in the worst case scenario). Only The chances are very high that you might not like the branch. This situation is more pathetic than studying subjects of your choice in a private institution. These are always there. There's another side to the same....... If you really think you can do it and take an oath to do the same you can get into an IIT/NIT into a good branch. Even the toughest times seem pleasant in an institution like those. All the best in estimating yourself. Hope you take a good decision.

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