Diamond Pack

Journey of Your Dream College Starts Here…

Dedicated Counsellor (9 AM – 10 PM)

Got a question at 8:00 p.m.? Don’t wait up and give us a call. From the start of the morning to the end of the night, we are always here for your assistance.

Now, office time is good and that is what you get when you choose another consultancy. A time period of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. But here we take your career and education more seriously than you can anticipate.
That is why instead of a limited time, we give you a full day. Give us a call anywhere between 9 to 10 and we are ready to help you.
Even if it’s 8 or 9 in the evening and you have some admission related doubts or confusion about colleges and courses, we are ready to assist you.
Limitless time, that is what it’s called. Counselling without a barrier of time. Don’t wait for the next day and give us a call right away, whenever you want.

Unlimited Registration & Counselling

We will provide you face to face counselling all the time, whenever you want.

Register with us, whenever you want, no matter how many times. This package gives you unlimited registration.
Along with that via our diamond package, we also provide you with unlimited counselling sessions. So, no need to worry and contact us whenever you have any questions.
No limited calls, no limited zoom counselling. The diamond package provides you with an opportunity to clear all your doubts whenever you have one. Instead of compiling a full list, contact us whenever with whatever question you have and we will assist you.

Physical Document Assistance

Taking admission requires a lot of paperwork. You get the letter of acceptance, admission form, passing certificate, medical certificate and the list goes on. Getting all of that is not only hectic but the chances of missing something is also there. But with our package, we provide you with assistance through everything, without missing a beat.

One thing about admission abroad is that it takes a lot of paperwork. And one missed chance might cost you your college seat.
That is why we provide you with physical document assistance. Through this, we physically help you compile all the documents required for admission abroad.
You just sit back and relax and let us worry about your paperwork.
From your HIV test certificate to your VISA clearance, we are here on every step.

Pick & Drop From Center

Dropping the parents and their ward to the centre, and picking them from the centre, we are here for all the facilities. Say bye to the direction dilemma, traffic trouble and finding the building problems.

Cabs and autos can become a nuisance in a different city. That is why we provide you with our transport services.
We pick you from your location and drop you at the centre. No need to pay extra, we cover it all, with luxury and sanitization. And let’s be honest in the world we are living in right now sanitation is the most important factor.
You brought 2 people or the whole family, no problem. Our transportation are comfortable and spacious. We have dedicated cars for the number of people.

Refreshment at Nodal Center

In the chaos of counselling getting tired is very common. How about relaxation? Sounds like heaven, right? At our nodal centre, we provide you with an opportunity to relax and rewind.

I bet not many companies can provide you with this opportunity. Feb is ruled out and now summer is approaching like a bull. The weather is already getting hot and travelling is going to become sweaty and tiring.
No problem, we are here and we provide you with an opportunity to relax, refresh and rewind at our nodal centre.
Take a break and then we will start working with a fresh mind.
Comfortable sitting area, food and refreshments available and wifi and ac services. Everything is there at our nodal centre, so you can get your mind back in the race. Because we believe that a tired brain does not lead to a great career.

Travel Assistant & Guidance

From booking tickets to dropping at the airport to successfully making it to the college campus, we are here with you through your education journey and even after that.

The problem of getting a ticket? Don’t know about the terminal? Never travelled abroad? Getting cold feet? Well, that is why we are there with you throughout your entire journey.
We make sure to book you a ticket, along with clearing your VISA and passport documentation, so your travel goes smoothly.
We drop you at the airport and guide you to a new country altogether.
Even after settling down in your new college, we make sure that your educational journey stays perfect. Because we don’t leave your hand right after getting admission like other consultancies. We help you even after you start your classes.
In short, from travelling to dropping at the college premises to making sure you settled in. We take care of everything. Even after getting admission you have a problem, give us a call and we will solve it for you.

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