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Counselling Session (Appointment Based)
Through our silver package, we present you with an opportunity for counselling via telecommunication. Have any questions? Our tele-counsellors will answer it.
  • Anywhere, anytime, you have a doubt, we will guide you.
  • Distance is not a problem anymore, our services are limitless.
  • Dedicated counsellors for every candidate, say goodbye to waiting.
  • From NEET to Engineer to Arts, have doubts about any course, let us clear it all.
  • Fixed appointments for candidates, so no question gets left out.


Entrance Updates
India is a nation with a large number of students and an even larger number of exams. Confusion is right there in the memo. Don’t worry as we got you covered. Through our package, we will daily update you about all the entrance and competitive exams happening in India so you never miss an opportunity.
  • Do you know there are more than 40 competitive exams in India? And we are only talking about the ones conducted by government authorities.
  • Our team of 40+ employees work every day to cover every news related to all the competitive and entrance exams of India.
  • Do you have any confusion about the eligibility criteria or what kind of information is required to sit in the exam? Well, luckily we are here only to help you out. Rest assured, whatever is your question, we will have the answer.
  • Is the admit card out? What is the examination schedule? Is the paper being rescheduled? When will it again take place? When is the result going to come out? All this and many more. We know there are so many exams, that keeping an eye on them is as chaotic as it seems. Worry not we are here and we will update you about everything and anything you want.
  • The world is getting digitised and cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated. That is why it is important to know about the correct website to fill/download/update/payment your entrance exam form.
Daily Educational News
We are living in a flashy world where entertainment covers all the major news portals. But we bring education news daily to you.
  • When are the colleges and schools going to reopen? We will update you regularly about every college and every school in every state in India.
  • What is timing like? Is it going to an evening class or morning class? What is the break between the two classes, to avoid any crowd? Get a regular update about that.
  • Any new course launching anywhere? Any new department opening in any institute? All the answers are in one place, on our daily educational news.
  • Offline classes? Online classes? Hybrid mode? Stay updated about the mode of teaching.
  • Is there any change in the syllabus of your desired course? Perhaps an add up or deduction. We will regularly inform you about all this.
  • To sum up, anything even remotely connected with the field of education, we cover it regularly. So, you don’t miss anything.
Daily Educational Podcast
Fast-moving world leaves zero time to rest. Not everyone gets a chance to go through all the news one by one. So, we compiled all of them into one single podcast.
  • News is important, but lack of time is also a problem. Don’t worry as we create educational podcasts every day, so you can catch up on everything.
  • For our podcast, you do not need to give extra time. As we make our podcasts in dynamic mode. It matches the pace of your schedule.
  • Anytime, anywhere, the news is right there, just a click away from your fingertip.
  • Under 90 seconds and all educational updates will be transmitted to you, without any breaks.
Monthly Magazine
We got the news, we got podcasts, what else? Oh, wait! We also got an educational magazine published monthly and embedded with all the trendy topics that you should know about.
  • What is trending in the educational world today? Any topic you want to read or learn about? Well, we release our magazine every month. In our magazine, you will find everything important that you need to be aware of.
  • We will timely share the magazine with you, without you worrying about it.
  • Have any particular topic you want us to cover, share your thoughts on our mail and we will have a look through it. If it catches our team interest we will even cover it in our next magazine.
  • If you are a parent and worried about your ward then no worries, we always cover topics that will help your ward to grow and achieve the best in their life.
Study Materials (Worth 10,000)
There is counselling, there is news, and there are all the study materials that will advance your exams preparation, all in one package.
  • This may sound easy to you, but finding reliable study materials is very hard. We are living in the internet world, where everyone has a platform to present their things. But which one is good and which one you do not need is hard to tell. Luckily we have a whole bank of study materials for you.
  • We don’t discriminate here, we have study materials for everyone. Whether you are a school student or NEET aspirants. Just tell us what you need.
  • From kindergarten to competitive exams, all notes will help you complete your preparation and give your best in the exam.
Expert Made Sample Paper
Now, as you have completed your study, the next step is to solve sample papers to check your level of preparation. And luckily, we have no shortage of sample papers.
  • There are sample papers, and then there are expertly made sample papers. What is the best way to crack an exam? Study things that are drafted by the experts themselves.
  • We have created a bank of all the sample papers created by experts. And our collection is not confined to one particular subject or class. Here everyone gets the things they desire.
  • All our sample papers include answers, along with a clear and thorough explanation.
  • The questions in sample papers are so designed that it covers the entire syllabus of every course.
  • The questions in the sample papers are of varying difficulty level and will help the students to evaluate their understanding of the subject matter.
Previous Year Papers
Previous year exams papers hold much more value then you can anticipate. It holds the key to the basic understanding of exam patterns.
  • Many don’t think of this point as an important aspect. But clearly, they could not be more wrong. Previous year papers are very important when it comes to exam preparation.
  • Suppose you are giving your boards examination. After completing your syllabus, you set to solve the sample papers, but only after completely solving the previous paper in the given time will you evaluate your correct preparation level.
  • From class 1 to 12 to all the competitive examinations, we have the previous year papers of all. Even the ones which are hard to find.
NEET Statistics
NEET statics, accurate data, and all the related information are hard to find at one reliable source. But not anymore.
  • Do you know that in 2019, NEET has become the sole test for admission in medical-related courses in India? Even admission in reputed institutes like AIIMS, JIPMER and PGIMER will now be through NEET.
  • We provide all the statistics and data related to the NEET exam. From the end of NTA to the establishment of MCC.
  • In our statics, we provide a clear parameter of stuff like numbers of candidates, how many candidates were present and absent, Indian nationals, NRIs, OCIs, Male and female candidates and more.
  • Our NEET statistics will also provide you with a clear knowledge in total how many languages the paper is going to carry out and the percentage of registered candidates per language.
  • Total how many categories were there and the percentage of students registered, appeared and qualified per category.
Latest Educational Videos
Need some clarification about certain topics? Words are not making much sense? Well, we have videos clarifying everything you want. Anything else you need?
  • Some videos provide a more clear view of understanding than words alone can’t provide.
  • That is why we create educational videos of every and any topic related to education, study and admission.
  • In our educational videos, we provide the latest information on things that will help you get a clear understanding on all things trending.
  • From the exams to come to form to fill, our videos cover everything.
Fees Structure
Before taking admission, what is one of the most crucial points that you should know? The fees structure of your desired course in your desired college. Having a problem there? We will help you worry not.
  • Do you know the fee structure for the next academic session? No. We will help you there.
  • From government to private colleges/universities. We have the list of the fees structure of every course.
  • Course fees, accommodation fees, hostel fees, mess fees, and whatnot. We are your guide throughout the ride.
  • Increment or decrement in a fees structure of any particular course of any particular college? We will keep you updated on the same.
Cutoff Analysis
Do you know what was the last year cutoff? Do you have any idea about the upcoming cutoff? Well, we have and we will guide you through it.
  • Do you have even the slightest idea what will be the NEET 2021 cutoff? No. Worry not as we will help you there.
  • State-wise cutoff information. With their previous year cutoff information, you will find everything here.
  • Colleges and their cutoffs, what could they be? We will help you decipher.
  • What could be the category wise NEET cutoff could be? No idea? Don’t fret as we got you covered.


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