Study Abroad: Which Subject Is Better And Why?

It does not surprise many that the number of Indian students who study abroad has surged in the past year. If we talk about the rough percentile, the number has gone up by 28% in New Zealand, 16.8% in Australia and 28% in the Uk, and we are not even talking about the whole world. Well, it is really not a big deal because who does not want to study abroad, right? Imagine learning under culturally diverse, research-driven faculty, using those state-of-the-art labs and quaint inexhaustible libraries, Imagine getting international exposure and hands-on work experience, and above all, imagine your jump in employability once you study abroad. These are a few of the reasons why Indian students are choosing global destinations for higher education. 

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But above all, one thing that struck into the minds of many is to decide which course to choose while studying abroad. Of course, we understand that if you are relocating to a completely new location, then opting for the right course is a must because you are investing not only your time but a handsome amount of earnings into it. More than knowing about the perfect country, it is important to know about the perfect subject, one that matches your potential really well. So, that is why in this article we will discuss the popular course to study abroad that has promising career options. 

1. Agricultural Science: Bachelor’s in agricultural science gives you exposure to the basics of agriculture and includes a mix of outdoor fieldwork and classroom education. A few of the modules you’ll cover include agricultural technology, Agricultural markets and pricing, soil ecosystem lab, agribusiness management, GPS and precision agriculture, research methods and management principles. A degree in agricultural science opens numerous career options for you. Microbiologist, agricultural analyst, farm manager, food scientist and marketing expert are a few of the roles you can take up after studies.

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2. Biomedical Engineering: Recently becoming a top-rated programme among universities and colleges worldwide in their natural sciences department, biomedical engineers use their engineering and technology background to develop vaccines, enhance pharmaceutical drugs and build and design robots that help during surgery. In this course, you will get to study both generic subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer programming and core subjects such as circuit design, fluid and solid mechanics, molecular biology and genetics.

3. Cyber Security: When it comes to tackling threats to sensitive information security in the modern digital world, cybersecurity programmes have gained momentum in the modern job market. In this programme, you will study in-depth the fundamentals of cybersecurity, cybersecurity forensics, investigation and response, hacker techniques and managing information assurance. 

4. Data Science: Data is new in the modern world. Maths, Science, IT and everything is based on data. In fact, according to the International Data Corp., the volume of data is increasing on a global scale every two years. So it’s not really surprising that organisations are ever in need of professionals who specialise in mining data mining or analysing big data and strategise based on the results.

5. Computer Science: Most organisations – be it corporate, private, or government sectors – have an IT wing, and its specialists are in demand across the globe. As a computer science student, you’ll be given deep insights into computational theory and practice, Network architecture, security and language; operating system analysis; software theory and algorithms; and internet protocols.

6. Aviation Technology: We know that a lot of you guys dream of flying or managing aircraft and taking up courses like pilot training, aviation management, aeronautics and so on. Well, it’s one of the best fields to study abroad. This is a demanding yet promising field. You’re more likely to earn attractive salaries and fancy perks in the aviation industry. Aviation technology encompasses different programmes that deal with both mechanics and aerodynamics. During your study, you’ll explore the concepts of navigation, safety and security features, electrical systems, air pressure patterns and turbine engines – to name a few.

7. Business Management: This programme will help train you to oversee and manage business operations like handling clients’ accounts in an organisation, preparing tax returns, and leading teams. As a business management student, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge in subjects of marketing, human resource management, international business finance, business analytics, accounting and business policy. 

Here is a bonus tip, as per Forbes report, the programmes that are likely to be in popular demand by 2022 are: 

  • Robotics 
  • 3-D Printing Design 
  • Aerospace Engineering 
  • Agricultural Engineering 
  • Liberal Arts
  • Hospitality Management

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