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Why to Study MBBS Abroad?

When confronted with challenging admission criteria that might hinder your ambitions for an international medical career, rest assured – RM Group of Education is here to steer you towards the more advantageous choice of pursuing MBBS abroad. As the saying goes, "All roads lead to Rome," or, in this case, studying abroad in various countries emerges as the superior path to explore your passion for medicine or dentistry. With RM Group of Education's steadfast support and comprehensive services, we'll be with you every step of the way as you embark on a superior international medical career, ensuring you discover the perfect destination to nurture your potential.

Only 5% manage to pass NEET

to get admission for MBBS in India

We assist you in securing admission for your MBBS studies at top-notch international medical universities.

In the realm of dreams and ambitions, thousands of young Indian students aspire to join the esteemed ranks of medical professionals, propelled by their passion to serve and heal. However, the path to the MBBS dream is no easy feat. Each year, a staggering 1.6 million aspiring doctors undertake the NEET test, and the harsh reality is that only a small fraction successfully clears this crucial hurdle. For the majority, their dreams are shattered, leaving them with limited options and an uncertain future.

Hence, we are here to provide a beacon of hope: international universities, where the dreams of becoming a medical professional are not only within reach but also attainable. These institutions offer world-class education, global exposure, and an opportunity to excel in the field of medicine without the anxiety of NEET. So, if you're one of the countless Indian students grappling with MBBS admissions, don't let NEETdictate your future. Choose MBBS Abroad and redefine your destiny.









How we help you

to get an admission for medicine at the university of your dreams.

Low chances with NEET in India? Therefore, the alternative abroad!



We will guide you

on the path to your own extraordinary MBBS study.

RM Group of Education is dedicated to providing thorough and personalized assistance to both aspiring and current international students as they embark on their journey to turn their study abroad aspirations into reality. View All Services

01 Free Education Counselling Our highly qualified and certified Immigration and Education Consultants specialising in key destinations match your profile and preferences to your right-fit universities
02 Application Process Access step-by-step support in building complete application packages with the strongest shot of admissions success with our specialists.
03 Student Loan & Scholarship Search With thorough guidance in seeking funding and finance opportunities, from student loans to scholarships, we make study abroad opportunities more accessible.
04 Visa Application Assistance Our immigration experts ensure your visa applications are timely, complete, and error-free, with document checking and mock visa interview assistance to boost successful applications.
05 Follow-Up with Parents Studying abroad is often a family affair - we ensure that we are in continuous communication with our students and their parents for full transparency throughout the process.
06 Pre-Departure Briefing We ensure our students know what to expect from the moment they board their flight to the first day of classes, and beyond.
07 Accommodation Search & Booking Find your home away from home through Study International’s international accommodation provider partners.
08 Student Internship Programs Seek Study International support in understanding your work rights at your study abroad destination and take advantage of student internship opportunities.

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“ RM Group of Education has helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. It was a great experience from guidance to admission. They helped me to make the right decision so I could have a brighter future. “
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